Makar Sankranti 15 jan 2019


Makar Sankranti Date

Makar Sankranti arrives on January 14th almost every year. But this time, in 2019 it is falling on January 15 .For this reason Kumbh (Kumbh), which is taking place in Prayagraj, is also starting on January 15 this year. Also, the first bath will not be 14, but on January 15. On the day of Makar Sankanti, the sun enters the capricorn money leaving the sagittarius amount. For this reason, this Sankranthi is known as Makar Sankranti. This year the change in the amount is going on late on January 14, so this time Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on January 15.

Its is important Hindu festival. …

The sun enters a different zodiac sign. …

It is one of the harvest season for farmers. …

Women consider the day sacred to pray God for longevity of their husbands’ lives. .

According to the belief, on the day of Makar Sankranti, the Sun Dev enters Capricorn. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in the places of many states of India as Khichadi. Therefore, there is also the practice of eating khichdi in many places on Makar Sankranti. On the day of Makar Sankranti, enjoyment of Khichdi is also applied. In addition, on this day sesame, gur, ravi, gajak prasad are distributed among and greetings to each other.

Makar Sankranti 2019 Wishes

मीठी बोली और तिल, मीठी जुबान
मुबारक हो आपको मकर संक्रांति का त्योहार

बासमती के चावल और उड़द की दाल
घी की खुशबू और आम का अचार
मुबारक हो आपको मकर संक्रांति का त्योहार

गुड़ की मिठास, पतंगों की आस
संक्रांति में मनाओ जम के उल्लास

Makar Sankranti 15 jan 2019
Makar Sankranti 2019
Makar Sankranti 2019 Image
Makar Sankranti 2019
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makar sankranti 2019 image
makar sankranti 2019




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